Drawing Bloodlines- Paranormal Romance


Drawing Bloodlines

A Spicy Paranormal Romance

Elizabeth Lockspier, a math teacher and single mother living in Princeton, New Jersey has met the man of her dreams; the handsome and charming Dr. Alexander Manning.

He’s also a vampire.

She’s never been with a vampire and he’s not been in a relationship with a human in seventy years, but they settle into a steamy routine and are headed for happily ever after… even if that’s a little longer for Alexander.

But when Aiden, the vampire commander of Philadelphia goes missing, his second, the ruthless vampire Christiana is promoted to lead the large and prestigious territory. Only she needs a new second-in-command. As a thank you to the New Jersey leader Francisco, for his discretion when three of Philadelphia’s goons crossed the state line without permission, Christiana shows her gratitude by requesting Alexander for the important post in Philadelphia.

Only her request is really a demand by the New York Vampire Command, who also require that Alexander mate with Christiana.

Even Alexander’s sire, Loren the most powerful and feared vampire in the world, can’t help him. Loren lives under no command and will not put the freedom he enjoys in jeopardy.  Loren’s only loved one woman, Julianna a human he attempted to turn three hundred years ago, when she was tied to a pyre on suspicion of witchcraft. But Julianna never fully turned and eventually escaped from Loren. They’ve played cat and mouse since then, and Loren needs his freedom to continue to search the globe for her. But he’s promised Alexander he would protect Elizabeth and in order to do so, he must be intimate with her in order for his guarding instincts to be lethal. And with Alexander gone to Philadelphia and Julianna no where to be found, Loren wants to make Elizabeth his. And that’s when the beautiful half turned vampire, shows up.

Meanwhile, Armand a research scientist at Robert Wood Johnson Medical school and vampire has made a remarkable discovery. After years of trying to figure out how to reverse the vampire gene that takes the humanity away, he finds a code buried inside the computers of the National Institutes for Health.  A formula that just might change a vampire back to a human.

But he needs a test subject.

Alexander would rather be dead than live eternity with Christiana.  Armand, with the help of his human assistant (and lover) Taylor perform the surgery that will mangle Alexander’s body before it can be human again. But something goes terribly wrong. He’s unresponsive. Loren, as his maker can feel Alexander’s essence slipping away. Together with Julianna and Elizabeth, they race to the university to discover Alexander’s fate.

And Christiana shows up as well, with her goons demanding her mate and second in command.

Can Loren with his powers protect both Julianna and Elizabeth?

And if Alexander wakes up, will he still be a vampire? Or a human? Or something else?

One thought on “Drawing Bloodlines- Paranormal Romance

  1. Linda Buffa says:

    Ok, please finish this novel, as you’ve peaked my interest! So far so good, looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

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