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Deborah Garland is a versatile author of women’s fiction, contemporary and paranormal romances, and for this year’s NANOWRIMO she completed a psychological thriller in 24 days.

Her books are about love and the struggles of complicated relationships, whether set in the music industry, the fashion industry or the world of academics. The heroines are strong and witty and the heroes fall hard for them.

Born in Queens, she spent most of the nineties moving from place to place, ending up in New York City’s Upper West Side. It was then she met a handsome city cop/ volunteer fireman from the North Shore of Long Island. Married ten years this August 31, they live an easy happy life with their two pugs, Zoe and Harley.

When she’s not writing, or editing, or tweeting, you can find her in the gym, or snuggled up in bed reading (aka playing candy crush) covered in pugs, or in an airport traveling to see this relative or that. But her favorite place in the world (when not in a to-die for oceanfront condo in Marco Island, Florida) is on a bar stool on a Friday night with a Grey Goose cosmopolitan, listening to her husband tell her the same stories over and over.






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