Must Be Crazy

Love shouldn’t be a conflict of interest….

Darling Cove Book #3

Attorney, Skye Mallory was humiliated by her pop-singer ex-boyfriend who broke up with her on Facebook. And her office has recently gone up in flames and she needs cash to get back on her feet. So when her sleazy ex approaches her to file a law suit against an architect, she agrees…for an insane fee. She just had no idea the man she would be suing was the handsome volunteer fireman who rescued her from the burning building.

Architect and Darling Cove’s Volunteer Fire Chief, Edward Mendelsohn has a lot on his plate. His business is booming…a lot of celebs want new houses in the Hamptons. And since he’s raising his seven-year-old son by himself, the extra money is coming in handy. But then he finds out a client is suing him for breach of contract. And the attorney for the plaintiff is the woman he recently pulled out of a fiery blaze is the same woman he’s had a thing for all these years.

Despite the moral conflict, Skye can’t resist Edward’s crushing good looks and finds it so exciting to be sitting across from him during the day and then squirming under him at night. And Edward’s son who’s lived without a mother for so many years brings out a side of Skye she didn’t know existed. But when Edward’s ex sues him for custody and needs another lawyer, Skye must decide to keep Miles’ lucrative case or help the man she can build a real future with…for free.