Must Have Faith

Coming June 4th, 2018

The Runaway Bride is Back!

Darling Cove Book #2 and the follow up to Must Love Fashion

It’s easy to think the jilted groom is probably a jerk. But what if he’s not? What if he’s the good guy?

Faith Copeland has moved back home to the North Fork, where she has to live with stares and whispers behind her back. In Darling Cove, she’ll only ever be Greg Mallory’s runaway bride. 

 Darling Cove Police Officer, Gregory Mallory has been living with the scars and shame of being left at the altar. Since Faith took off, he’s not wanted to settle down, putting the Mallory name in jeopardy.

But when his runaway bride returns, Greg’s tough façade begins to wear away.

Can Greg and Faith deny the attraction still burning inside them after so long? Will they survive this time around if it doesn’t work out? 

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