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Drawing Bloodlines- Paranormal Romance

The Princeton Allegiant Series

Drawing Bloodlines, a spicy Paranormal Romance is finally finally complete and ready for submission!

When single mother Elizabeth Lockspier met handsome doctor and part time Princeton University biology professor, Alexander Manning, she thought he was too good to be true.

She was right. He’s a vampire.

Because of a disastrous mishap seventy years ago, Alex hasn’t gone near a human woman. But while drawing Elizabeth’s blood, he’s so captivated by her, he risks everything to drink from one of her vials. Right there. Only Elizabeth is watching.

Alex must decide if he should report the ‘incident’ to his allegiant’s commander, Francisco or…deal with Elizabeth himself. She must decide if this irresistible creature is too dangerous to get involved with, especially with her young daughter around.

After Alex and Elizabeth come to an understanding, they give into their thundering desires. But Alex’s past catches up to him in the form of the beautiful but ruthless vampiress Christiana, who demands he join her in Philadelphia as second-in-command and her mate. Only she might really want to align with Alex’s sire, Loren, their world’s most powerful and feared vampire.

Alex must choose…go to Philadelphia and hand Elizabeth over to Loren for her protection or…fight back. Either with some hidden powers of his own or with a little science experiment his colleague Armand is cooking up in a private research facility.


Forty Times Platinum- Women’s Fiction

Forty Times Platinum- Manuscript Available to Publishers Now

Women’s Fiction, 91,000 Words

Go inside the mysterious music industry with Forty Times Platinum, a  Women’s Fiction novel about Jennifer Montgomery, a record label executive who falls in love with Jamie Miller,  a singer who is talented and gorgeous…but young impressionable artists are strictly off limits.

Jennifer makes artists’ dreams come true at the L.A. label, Thompson Street Records. When bad-boy Jamie is signed, Jen becomes infatuated with the younger man. She attempts to keep her distance but as a former rock and roll girl herself and the label’s top writer and producer, she’s the one tapped for the job when Jamie needs a power ballad. Working on a song with him puts her professional ethics to the test…and failing never felt so good.

Jamie is a willing lover, but he’s hiding something.

Once his album is complete, he’s whisked away on an extensive promotion tour, leaving Jen to question: Does she want to take a back seat to Jamie’s career? Torn between her love for Jamie and the reality of what life is like with a rock star –Jen knows, she’s been there, she tearfully walks away so he could have his dream.

Jen turns to old flame Cam Harris for comfort, but when Jamie finds out about the new man, his distress brings him to his knees –literally, exposing his secret and putting his career in jeopardy. Jen must decide between an uncomplicated relationship with Cam or jumping to Jamie’s rescue, knowing their future will always be uncertain.

Forty Times Platinum is Book One in the Platinum series. Look for the sequels Perfect and Platinum,  Little Miss Platinum, concluding with Platinum Records