And the story begins………

cropped-13199704015_72aa535bd71.jpgI was told it would be impossible, but I have signed with a literary agent for my novel, “Forty Times Platinum.”

While my agent (I can say that now ‘my agent’) is shopping my novel to publishers, I want to tell the story of how this project began and take you on the journey that lead up to the final version of the manuscript I had submitted.

And of course tell you about all the bumps along the way. At one point, I said to myself: “Now I know why writers drink”.

I’ll start with the writer’s cliché: I’ve been writing my whole life. Well almost, the earliest I remember is writing a time travel story (on a typewriter!) when I was in high school. Many other stories followed, most were short stories, mostly because I couldn’t finish anything.

It was when I started writing screenplays, that I found the success of actually completing something. The first one, was a “Freaky-Friday” based screenplay. I had even gone so far as to take a screenwriting class at SVA (School of Visual Arts) with the goal to polish it. After, I had submitted it to Greenlight and of course never heard back. I had written a few scripts for televisions shows, such as Seinfeld. But I never knew what to do with them? There really wasn’t the internet as we know it today.

Still, I kept on writing.  I have a blue Rubbermaid tub filled with writings; and one old laptop (that hasn’t been fired up in years) filled with snippets of other stories, beginnings, middles and endings.

My  laptop now (which is also ready to be retired- come on BIG ADVANCE 🙂 with the beginnings of other stories I had started  writing, while I was working on “Forty Times Platinum.”

So why was “Forty Times Platinum” different?

To be continued

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