I picked up a craft book recently, Matt Bird’s, The Secrets of Story where he states that a hero must go into the story with a ‘flawed philosophy’. And throughout his or her journey, change will come from fixing that flaw. It made me think about my ‘flawed philosophy.’ I have a few, folks.

The one that is most relevant because I’m getting on a plane tonight to fly to Florida, revolves around the ‘idea’ that I don’t need to walk around with a pristine appearance all the time. Of course, that’s the ideal. Pristine. All the time. One of the ‘passes’ I had always given to myself was for personal travel. Why get dolled up to get on a plane? I have two reasons for this. First, the odds I would run into anyone I knew, was a million to one. So why bother?

Changing my life to pursue writing full time, has skewed right into my flawed philosophy head-on. Being a published author means that at any time now, someone could recognize me. But that only cuts the odds down to  999,999 to 1. I did have a moment in my town when someone asked me, Are you the one who wrote the book? It put “Stars without makeup” into a new light for me.

In addition to that, writing full time, as with any ‘work from home’ position, became dangerously easy to skip all that shampooing and makeup nonsense on a daily basis. I have books to write, I don’t have time for a hairdryer. I started this journey in October 2016, and by that December I’d gone so far off the rails, that I had to actually make a New Year’s Resolution to step it up. Like most resolutions, I didn’t really stick to it.

But recently, I motivated myself with an odd carrot (that I won’t reveal, it’s too bizarre) and have been ‘hanging in there’. What I figured out, while it’s instant gratification to just towel off (Btw, what saves me, is that I go the gym every morning. So, I am FORCED to shower), throw my hair in a messy bun, pull on a pair of sweats, a tee-shirt and get to work. What I’d found though, that was short lived. And when I spent the day, even if I didn’t have to leave the house, not only showered but with styled hair and some color on my face, I felt good all day. As opposed to the five minutes of euphoria.

I still dress casually. Lounge wear can be stylish. And I love that Victoria Secret has (or had) a “supermodel sexy’ line of lounge wear. Those girls work so hard, that they deserve to be comfortable, while still looking sexy. Thank you Victoria Secret 😊

So, I’d said there were two parts to my flawed philosophy. The “who cares”, being one, the other is similar but different. The second part of the philosophy is/was, why bother getting all dolled up, when I’ll get off the plane looking like I sat on the wing anyway. There’s definitely a shorter distance to fall if you get on a plane with your hair in a bun and no makeup to when you get off. More than likely, you’ll look the same. Anyone who’s had their hair flatten out spectacularly or their mascara clump under their eyes and blush disappear has had that ‘Good God’ moment when they get into the arriving airport’s bathroom. That’s a tough blow.

The show Everyone Loves Raymond had some great moments and small scenes that stick with me. I remember the scene where Robert’s Italian long distance girlfriend Stefania visits. Robert brings her to Ray and Debra’s house right from the airport, where she looks flawless. And Debra says: “This is you after a nine-hour flight? Now I want to kill myself.” Right??? No one walks off a commercial flight out of coach looking like a million bucks. Still, it’s become a small challenge, let me give it a try.

So, as I try, like a hero in a novel to get over my flawed philosophy, that it just doesn’t matter. It feels good, that maybe, just maybe, it does matter.






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