Hi there!

So there’s been a lot about “privacy” in the news lately. The EU (European Union) has set forth new policies and penalties “GDPR” for anyone doing business in the EU who violate such policies.

As an author, my only reach to “do business” in the EU would be if someone purchased my books via one of the retailers and those retailers are responsible for protecting information provided in order to complete the sale and shipping.

But as the owner of this website (which collects ‘subscribers’ information) I have an obligation to keep that ‘information’ private and notify you of my policy. And so I have posted an official “policy” on my site.

Click HERE to view. It is also part of the main menu and will remain there.

Something else important to note: subscribing to this website now, sends your information to a third party MailChimp, which collects the data for me. The current list at MailChimp is GDPR compliant. Because I still communicate via this website through blog posts (like this one), I will be manually adding subscribers that come through MailChimp to this website as well, which privacy is protected via the policy mentioned above.

Anyone can UNSUBSCRIBE at any time from either this website or any Newsletters delivered from MailChimp.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me.