Happy New Year! Are you sick of hearing that yet?

I remember one New Year’s Eve, years back, a friend’s mother was crying. Not wailing. Not howling. Just quietly sobbing. When I asked about it, I got an answer that surprised me at the time. She was sad at all the years that had passed. That made no sense to me at the time.

While so many people look forward to a new coming year with positive attitudes, some sadly look at another year gone by with regret. To end a decade, and not just one year, must magnify that.

That’s how I felt last night. I felt that sob in the back of my throat.

Crying is wonderfully cathartic and can clear your head.

2020 marks a milestone, because it was August 2010 when I started writing my first novel. Ten years I’ve been at this. I’ve learned more in the last year than anything else to be honest. And I hope I can lasso that into a successful year and deliver books and stories you’ll want to read.