A Must for Christmas ~ Excerpt

Greg and Faith had been briefed about what the delivery would be like since it was a planned C-Section. The plan had gone to shit, though. No one in that room looked familiar. Not the doctor she and Greg went through meticulous lengths to find. Now this man she didn’t know was asking Greg to leave.

That’s not good.

“I want to stay,” Greg blurted before the doctor got any further with his explanation. “Faith!”

A pretty nurse stepped up to him. “Sir, we need a few more doctors in the room, and I’m afraid you’ll be in the way. We want your wife and babies safe. I’ll keep you informed at every step.” She put a hand on his arm. “Plus, I’m sure your family out there is worried.

Go be with them, and let us take care of Faith.” The nurse said her name like she wasn’t just another mother giving birth. Perhaps it was personal to them.

“Okay,” Greg replied gruffly but moved briskly past the medical crew. “Babe, I’m in the way here. They’re gonna put you out. I want this to go smoothly.”

Two men stood at Faith’s head, while others moved her legs. Her soft, pale limbs, in other men’s hands probably made Greg furious.

Even though he was likely to make a scene, Faith needed her husband. “I can’t do this without you.” When her voice cracked, it looked like it smashed him to pieces. “Please can’t he stay?”

“I’ll be right outside. Let’s just get these babies born so we know everything’s okay.” He brushed her forehead; his tense fingers felt cold and clammy. He took his hand away but she could feel him shaking.

“I love you, Greg.”

“I love you more. The whole time, Babe. You thought you loved me? I had you beat by miles.”

Her lids lowered, she was growing tired and weary. “There will be two more people to love soon.”

“All of you.” He rested his lips against her mouth and breathed. “You’re all mine now.”