Bossy Billionaire

An Age-Gap Grumpy Boss Romance: The Billionaire Hart Series Book 3

Billionaire Luke Hart with his electric blue eyes and whiskey-soaked lips convinced Alexis she needed a night of mindless pleasure to forget her troubles. Now he’s her biggest problem…

Kicked out of law school, a canceled train home, and no money in her purse leaves Lexi stranded in New York City. One night with a handsome stranger she’ll never see again is exactly what she needs to forget her troubles.

When she’s offered a job at a 5-star luxury hotel as Assistant to the CEO, Lexi jumps at the chance to get her life back on track. Then she meets her new boss.

It’s… him… the gorgeous man who took her to his penthouse and did dirty things to her all night long.

Only Luke Hart, the god glaring at her from behind his ornate desk, is not the same man from that intense night. This guy is brutal and bossy and the control he showed her in the bedroom is only the tip of the iceberg for how he runs his hotel.

He’s older, wise, and tough to work for. Lexi can handle his grumpy tantrums, but the fire in Luke’s electric blue eyes will be her undoing. His desire for her burns as hot as the night he made her mindless and begging for more.

He’s the boss and gets whatever he wants and he’s ready to drag them across a very forbidden line.

But Luke is now totally off-limits. And turns out to be a lot of fun to tease…

★★★★★- I thoroughly loved reading this book.