Any man who proposes after giving you the night of your life has to be joking, right?
Turns out… He was deadly serious.

When the hot contractor I hired asks me to marry him after a night of making me mindless it’s not because he’s miraculously fallen in love with me.

No, he wants me to be Mrs. Mikhail Leitner because he’s got an inheritance to collect and those ‘bastards are making me get married.’


But I’ve been crazy about Mik since he came onto the scene swinging his…hammer. And that day I found him soaking wet and he had to wait for his clothes to get dry in a towel… Probably the greatest moment of my life.

Until he dropped that towel and I saw the goods.

I’m cautious to put my heart on the line, but getting that money will help save his mother’s life. So I have to say yes. When it comes to tall men with whiskey-colored eyes and a big…hammer, who wouldn’t?

Especially when he says there’s no reason not to make this marriage of convenience…convenient. Every night. Which leads to a little matter of inconvenience.

But no one would have expected I’d have been the one to screw this up thanks to my past and family secrets that reveal…

I may not be who I thought I was…


Convenient is a sizzling standalone billionaire romance. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed!