In Too Deep

True love, scorching desire, and the willingness to share brought them together.  Now their secrets might tear them apart.

I had it all at one time, a successful music career that brought three rockstars into my life.

Aidan, the lead singer who took my virginity and married me the same week.
Nate, the hipster NYC rockstar who put me back together when Aidan and I fell apart.
Jaxson, the fresh new voice on the LA rock music scene who made loved me when Nate lost his way.

Six months ago, my dream came true. Our love stories collided and because Aidan, Nate, and Jax were willing to share me, willing to trust that I loved them all equally, we started a journey.

A journey that’s about to take a dark, and dangerous when Jaxson faces his secret desires for Nate, when Nate faces choosing his family obligations to produce an heir over what he has with me and two other men, and when Aidan faces choosing the CEO title at Thompson if it means taking Fiona as his fake wife.

At every turn, our beautiful love is at risk.

The lines between truth, lies, and love are blurring, and the music world is getting suspicious…

In Too Deep, a Rockstar Reverse Harem is the conclusion of Lacey’s love story in Wild For You about three gorgeous rockstars who chose to share her instead of losing her.

The question isn’t can one woman love three men, but how hard will she love them when the world tries to tear them apart.

Rock Hard. Love Harder.