Live For Me

The hot new fire chief in town is also a sexy single dad, but I swear I didn’t set my apartment on fire just to meet him. Someone in my family might have though.

Now I’m homeless and too mortified to date anyone.

Then my dog attacks his son. Sort of. So for that I agreed to a date to say thank you and I’m sorry. All while wanting to say, yes, sir.

I don’t plan on anything serious happening on the date because thanks to my famous ex who broke up with me on social media, I’ve sworn off men.

But with my brother and sister happily married pumping out kids, the competitiveness in me can’t look past Edward’s chiseled jaw, bulging biceps, and baby blue eyes that make me lose my breath. And the way his son needs a mom melts me even more.

When Edward takes me to his house and proposes to do all kinds of filthy things to me, my defenses go bye-bye, along with all my clothes.

I’m thinking of giving love another shot until my past catches up to me. Now to get out of debt, I agree to represent my ex in a BS lawsuit against some builder for one million dollars.

Guess who that turns out to be?
You guessed it.

Even with a crazy lawsuit between us, the fire hasn’t died down. I think this may be the real thing.

But can Edward convince me to walk away from a big payday and give love a chance with him and his adorable son?

“Heartfelt and emotional. Sexy and sweet. You’d be crazy to miss this one.”~ Donna Alward, NYT Bestselling Author

Live for Me (previously titled Must Be Crazy) is the 2019 winner of the North Texas RW Carolyn Readers’ Choice Award!

If you love hot firemen, single dads, sassy heroines, lovers to enemies to lovers, scene-stealing kids and dogs, legal dramas, and meddling relatives Live for Me is the award-winning romance for you.

No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA Guaranteed.