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Confessions of an out-of-shape ER Doctor: Ever get drunk and dial your ex?

We’ve all done that…

Here’s one you may not have attempted…

Ever get drunk and depressed on New Year’s Eve and order a personal trainer?

Because I was so tipsy, I ordered three.

When they all show up the next day, devilish smiles and looking at me with rippling muscles, sculpted abs, and tight butts, I feel even more out of shape.

That’s not me, and why my cheating husband left me. My plan? Get in revenge shape enough to run the L.A. Marathon.

To cross that finish line, I have to choose between three gods who want to make me into the woman I once was.

Finnegan: Irish brogue, green eyes, slender build, and buns of steel.
Pierce: Ex-Marine, brutish, built, blue eyes with thick legs like trees I want to climb.
Cooper: Gorgeous struggling actor and single dad with stormy gray eyes who’s a little mean, but that will make me work harder.

I can’t choose, so I hire all three.

My pounds may not melt off so fast, but my panties sure do. These guys want me just the way I am. They don’t share clients, but they agree to share the heck out of me.

When my husband wants me back, will Finn, Pierce, and Cooper stay my personal trainers, my best friends, and my lovers or will our love crash harder than a diet on New Year’s Day?

– Love, Dr. Larissa Davenport

*Includes strong MM scenes*