Sharing His Nanny

A billionaire, a lawyer, and a personal trainer walk into a Malibu beach house with a four-month-old baby…and no idea what to do. Sounds like a story you’ve heard before, right?

Add a curvy nanny they can’t keep their hands off and a summer vacation goes from sunny to scorching.

I’m an up-and-coming plus-sized designer who gets strong-armed into playing nanny for a month so I’ll have enough money to put my fashion line into production. Sounds like an easy plan.

Only, the dad of that baby is my first crush. The star of my late-night fantasies beneath the sheets. The guy who never noticed I was alive.

Charles Harlow. Older. Rich as sin. Sex on a stick. And my step-brother.

I can handle this. One month caring for an adorable baby and my money troubles will be solved.

It’s living with three chiseled alphas that might be my downfall. Especially when innocent flirting with Jordan and Alex turns into nights of pleasure at their rough hands.

All while my employer…my step-brother…watches us with the look of a predator. He’s hungry for me too, but keeps his distance.

I’m the nanny. The hired help. The forbidden little sister. The longer Charles resists, the more explosive it will be when we give into our taboo desires.

One month… I’ll have my money to launch my fashion line and we’ll all go back to our lives as if none of this ever happened, right?