The Cowboy’s Christmas Bride

A woman haunts my dreams. Is she real? I’m not sure. A side effect of head trauma. Then I go home for the first time in five years and get my questions answered. And so much more…

Parker: I’ve not been home to Wild Heart, Texas in five years. I’ve been recovering from a head injury I got on my cattle ranch in Wyoming. Trauma that stole large chunks of my memory and left me with scars I don’t want my family to see.

When my brother, Walker, announces he’s getting married at Christmas and wants his big brother as his best man, I’m out of excuses and must go home to face my family.

I wasn’t expecting to meet the woman who’s been haunting my dreams for five years, a woman who holds the key to my best stolen memory. The greatest night of my life.

Grace: I met an alluring stranger five years ago and then never saw him again. I knew it was a one-night-stand, but my mystery man left me with more than just amazing memories.

When my best friend, Emma, asks me to be the maid of honor at her upcoming Christmas wedding and begs me to let the best man stay in the apartment over my garage for all the wedding and holiday festivities, saying yes is easy.

Then I meet the mysterious Parker Rhodes. Only he’s not exactly a stranger…