The Cowboy’s Rebel Heart

A struggling cowboy. A cosmetics queen. They have nothing in common, except years of hate with a burning attraction hiding underneath…

A horrific accident wiped out my entire family except for my precious young niece. Cleaning up everyone’s finances has left me woefully behind on my rent. I don’t stand a chance for mercy from my landlady, the awkward girl I tortured in high school.

Delsey, the nerd-turned-butterfly is in town and I know she’s coming for me. I won’t use my family’s tragedy as an excuse; that’s my business. I’ll take my lumps for not paying my rent.

But I’m broke. What do I have to offer a woman who has everything?

I left Wild Heart with a chemistry scholarship and the drive to prove myself to the world. Now, I’m a rich cosmetics CEO. According to my family and friends, I’m beautiful. But when I look in the mirror, I still see the plain-Jane who Logan Grady bullied in high school.

A PR scandal has forced me to go home and lay low. Being back in Wild Heart means I risk running into Logan. I plan to avoid him, only according to my property manager, Mr. Logan Grady hasn’t paid his rent in six months.

Now the tables have turned, and I plan to get some sweet revenge against my old high school bully.

I expected he’d be single and gorgeous as ever, but I didn’t expect to find him raising his young niece after a terrible tragedy. And I certainly never expected the hotter than hell chemistry burning through us.

I’m no longer that shy nerdy girl from high school, and Logan is no longer a bully. He’s an amazing, caring man, and his niece, who looks up to me, has melted my frozen heart, too.

But can I really fall in love with a man in one week after fourteen years of hate?