The Cowboy’s Wedding Planner

Can a wedding go off without a hitch if the groom falls for the wedding planner?

Declan Wyatt:
Get hitched to a woman my father picked out and I get my trust fund. Sounds easy.

Except I met a breathtaking woman recently. Sierra Renner is every cowboy’s vision of the perfect woman. Beautiful, smart, sexy. The don’t-take-no-crap-from-a-playboy-like-me kind of woman.

She runs a B&B and a winery on her daddy’s ranch. And comes from lots of money.

I have a trust fund of my own. I just don’t have access to it. My devil of a daddy’s got me tied up in a marriage scheme. I can say take my billions and shove it, but no self-respecting cowboy will live off his woman’s money. Nope. If I want a shot with Sierra, I need to find my way out of this mess.

And while my fake fiancé is planning the wedding, I’m making plans of my own:

✔️Get my money
✔️Avoid getting married to Danica without hurting her
✔️Make time for Sierra without causing a scandal because, well, technically I’m engaged to another woman

Oh, and did I mention my fiancé just booked our wedding at Renner Winery and hired Sierra as her wedding planner?

Yeah, what else can go wrong? Don’t answer that…

The Cowboy’s Wedding Planner is part of the Wild Texas Heart Cowboy Series but can be read as a standalone. No cheating. No cliffhanger. HEA Guaranteed.