Must Be Crazy

Must Be Crazy- Darling Cove Book #3

The Mallory family drama continues … 10.22.18

How much can one person take?

Skye Mallory has watched her brother and sister find true love and now her father expects her to be next. Except, she’s keeping a secret that will devastate her family. When a fire takes out her apartment and law practice in a matter of seconds, she’s ready to snap. But it’s the handsome fireman she hasn’t been able to get out of her mind who saves her. And Skye knows how to thank a man.

Edward Mendelsohn has been a patient man, secretly desiring a woman he can’t have. Between running his architecture business, raising his son by himself and volunteering for the fire department, there’s no room in his life for romance. Until the woman he’s wanted so bad ends up in his arms.

As quick as Edward and Skye discover their scorching desire for one another is quite mutual, life swiftly tears them apart. Can their love survive without everything else going up in flames?