Must Love Fashion


A 2018 Golden Leaf Finalist! 

Darling Cove Book #1


She was hired to turn the fashion world upside down. Not his.

Escape into the exciting world of fashion where Andrew Morgan, a former male model turned brand manager meets his match in Gwendolyn Mallory, a sassy small-town public relations specialist he doesn’t think he needs.

Go behind the scenes as Gwen sets out to prove she has what it takes to promote a prestigious brand like Prada. Andrew is already struggling to accept his PR responsibilities have been taken away from him, but the intense attraction he has for Gwen is just plain getting in the way of rational thinking. Sleeping with a co-worker has always been on his to-don’t list.

Follow the sparkling fuse slowly burning with sexual tension as Gwen brings to life a sexy devil…who just happens to wear Prada.





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Turn back the clock to the summer before Gwen Mallory and Andrew Morgan collided in the exciting world of fashion.

Andrew is trying to move on with his life, but when he’s forced to go through a ceremony for his late wife, it sets him back. His boss is nagging him to fill a key PR position before a fashion show in LA and women are circling the wagons to get a piece of the former model. Hoping to reset his life, Andrew is keeping his head down at Prada and waiting for the pain to go away.

Gwen wants respect. Her job as a promotions manager at a failing lingerie designer is getting tougher by the day. But she has bills pay. Her soon-to-be ex-husband left her with a house. Now he’s getting remarried and taking all of her furniture! It’s time for a fresh start.

A help wanted ad titled, Must Love Fashion, is in her future. And a tall, handsome brokenhearted man that only a nice girl from the North Fork with a great family can fix right up.