Forty Times Platinum

Forty Times Platinum

Book 1 in the Blue Rock Records Series

High-Concept Contemporary Romance ~ Bad-Boy Country Music Star

A Country Music Star Romance about a bad boy singer kicked off two major labels and gets his last chance at a small Nashville label run by the woman whose heart he broke five years ago.

 CMT star Jamie Miller has just been dumped by his second major record label and gets a lifeline when a small label takes a chance on him. His destructive behavior might go overlooked in NY or LA. Not in Nashville. Even though he’s acting out to hide the pain of having his daughter taken away from him, a secret he’s determined to keep, and will even go down for.

 Top selling singer turned label executive Jennifer Montgomery is overruled when Blue Rock Record’s board signs the disgraced singer. As the head of Talent Development, she’ll have to get up close and personal with Jamie to make his star shine again. Can she put her hurt and anger aside to work with the man who broke her heart five years earlier?