Forty Times Platinum Reviews

Like many writers, I gave Forty Times Platinum to friends and family to read. Here’s what some of them had to say:

The latest review:

Forty Times Platinum is one of the best books I have ever read.  Deborah Garland makes the characters come alive !! Jennifer is such a compelling character.  I found myself becoming totally invested in her life and find myself wanting more.  I can’t wait for the sequel!!!”   – Dawn G.

Forty Times Platinum is an exciting peek inside the mysterious music industry world! Got so immersed in the story, I actually forgot it was a manuscript – felt like I was reading a published book. The end leaves you wanting more… more Jen, more Jamie – and needing to know if they find happiness together.” -Lisa C.

Forty Times Platinum is a fast moving and compelling story about very real and interesting characters. I loved the depth at which the music industry and song composition is woven into the plot as well as the rich descriptive language about the geography of California and New York.”- Dennis B.

“Loved it! Highly entertaining. I couldn’t put the book down! Can’t wait for the next one.”- Debra L.

FTP is a fun, quick read that takes us through an industry that we all have only viewed from high priced concert seats, or tell-all-mags. Its main characters live in a world that only the truly gifted and ambitious live in. But oddly it’s their flaws that make us see ourselves and turn the pages more quickly. FTP is a fun ride.” – Ann K.

“I read Forty Times Platinum and found it to be an easy and quick read. The characters were both likable and interesting. The story itself was believable. There was also a story twist that added to a delightful first book effort by a very promising new author.”- Jack D.

Waiting for more!

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