Bossy Billionaire

Bossy Billionaire, a Lords of Gotham Grumpy Boss Romantic Comedy …GOES LIVE JULY 1!

He’s the boss. But she’s calling the shots.
Can they fall in love in between all the hilarious sabotage?

Everything stops when CEO Luke Hart struts through his luxury hotel. He’s tall and gorgeous with golden hair he wears like a crown. There’re secrets behind those blue eyes and he’s determined to stay closed off.

Enter Lexi. A quirky smart-mouthed law school student in need of tuition money. Luke’s new assistant. And the hot and dirty one night stand he can’t forget.

Luke’s never crossed the line with an assistant. But Lexi tempts him with deep brown eyes, diamond pink hair, and those short skirts are making him lose his mind. She’s everything he needs, but he can’t have her. Not while she works for him. So he turns brutal and bossy, anything to push her away.

Lexi isn’t a quitter. She needs this job, and she’ll endure whatever Luke throws at her. She knows there’s only one thing he wants more than payback. He wants her.

But is Luke willing to wreck his professional reputation in order to claim his soulmate?

Grumpy Boss
Romantic Comedy
Forbidden Workplace Crush


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