Bossy Billionaire

Bossy Billionaire, a Lords of Gotham Enemies to Lovers Office Romance…GOES LIVE JULY 1!

What if the stranger who gave you the best night of pleasure disappears and winds up as your boss?

No job is worth this…

Luke Hart, billionaire CEO of The Sterling hotel can’t hold on to a secretary or a girlfriend so he’s giving up on both. When he creates a business exec intern position instead of hiring another assistant, he discreetly asks his brother Tristan, the COO, to hire a man so he won’t be distracted by luscious curves from nine to five.

Alexis Markham just got kicked out of NYU Law School because she can’t pay her tuition. She’s tired of playing by the rules and lets a charming handsome stranger take her home for a wild night of no-strings play time. And oh, what a night it was… Hot. Intense. Dirty.

When Lexi’s undergrad advisor tells her about a paid business internship at the prestigious hotel, The Sterling, she jumps at the opportunity. A name mix-up lands Alexis the job, but her boss is the man who gave her the most incredible night of her life.

The smooth-talker is gone. Luke is bossy, brutal, and barely looks her in the eye. She soldiers on and takes his abuse because this job will get her back into law school.

Luke sets out to make Lexi quit. He can’t surrender to her again. He won’t survive it. But Lexi plans to weather his nasty storm and is determined to make Mr. Hartless fall in love with her.

No. Matter. What.