Broken Billionaire

Broken Billionaire, a Lords of Gotham billionaire fake girlfriend romance…

What if the man you despised for years shows up at your doorstep asking for help?

She wanted an apology. He wanted something more…

Luke Hart, CEO of The Sterling hotel is sitting on one billion dollars and still can’t keep a woman. Is he too rich? Too good looking? Too good in bed? Or is he an asshole and doesn’t see it? Word around Gotham is there’s a therapist who can help him get to the bottom of his issues with women. He better get an appointment with her because she’s closing down her very lucrative practice. Luke is also curious as to…why?

Sabine Markham is sick of Manhattan. And the men who live there. Breathtaking gods who schlep into her office boo-hooing about why women don’t understand them. She’s days away from closing up when her stupid assistant books her an appointment with Luke Hart. Luke freaking Hart? The man who humiliated her in college for being a hick just because she hailed from the lakes region of Maine. She’d received a scholarship because her family resort on Lake Sebago didn’t earn the same as his father’s precious successful Sterling hotel.

Getting past their awkward reunion, Luke offers Sabine a staggering fee, money she can use to breathe new life in her family resort in Maine to help him with women. Sabine agrees to be Luke’s girlfriend for a week. An intensive seven days of judging him, picking on him, and god-willing humiliating him, is worth one more week in that awful city. The money he’s throwing at her is just too good to be true.

Sabine shockingly discovers this Luke Hart is not the same man she knew in college. He’s sincere and broken. She wants to help him. Fix him.

Not fall in love with him and screw up all her plans.

Stay tuned for updates…