Are you sick of hearing that yet?

I remember one New Year’s Eve, years back, a friend’s mother was crying. Not wailing. Not howling. Just quietly sobbing. When I asked about it, I got an answer that surprised me at the time. She was sad at all the years that had passed. That made no sense to me at the time.

While so many people look forward to a new coming year with positive attitudes, some sadly look at another year gone by with regret. To end a decade, and not just one year, must magnify that.

That’s how I felt last night. I felt that sob in the back of my throat. Crying is wonderfully cathartic and can clear your head.

2020 marks a milestone, it was August 2010 when I started writing my first novel. Ten years I’ve been at this. I’ve learned more in the last year than anything else. And I hope for a successful year and deliver books and stories you’ll want to read. 


A Billionaire’s Surprise Baby Romance

I’m the heir to my family’s fortune.
My best friend is having my baby.
My father has a wife already picked out for me.
Can you say royally screwed? Fitting for a crown prince, huh?

I need Lily to be my pregnant fake fiancé to help me fight for my independence. She’s terrified my family will stop at nothing to take the baby from her. But I’ve convinced her to meet my parents this weekend to prove they may be rich, but they’re not monsters.

Can I walk away from a billion-dollar fortune if my inheritance is put on the line? I’m ready for anything. Just not the biggest surprise of all. That I’m in love with Lily and she’s in love with me.

Two damn days.

Everyone just has to behave and act normal for 48 hours so I can have it all. Keep my baby and the woman I never knew I couldn’t live without.

Find out how much can go wrong in two days in this edgy romantic comedy about what happens when best friends from different worlds give into passion and play just the tip.




A one-night stand changed everything.

Andrew Morgan thought sleeping with that gorgeous strange woman would be his gateway to getting over the death of his wife. Not even close. Prada is his escape. His sanctuary. The place where he’s in control. Running the marketing department for the fashion giant is where Andrew Morgan is the king.

Until one day he returns from Milan and finds her, Gwen, his one-night stand, sitting on his throne.

He doesn’t need a know-it-all telling him how to run a fashion show. So why is he dying to kiss and touch her again?

A 2018 Golden Leaf Finalist and the book Kirkus Reviews called “a fun and sexy romp through the world of high fashion.”

His One Night Stand, Part One is an Extended Preview of the N.J. Golden Leaf-nominated and 5-star debut novel Must Love Fashion, an Enemies-to-Lovers, Steamy-Office Romance, by Award-Winning author Deborah Garland.

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31 thoughts on “There’s something for everyone, if you just give me your heart…

  1. Suzanne Prock says:

    I like to read but just haven’t had the money to buy a new book for the past two years. Reading a book it’s like I can see hear feel what I’m reading

  2. Jen says:

    I really enjoyed this book. However, the ending was a bit ruined for me. I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. It’s distracting and disappointing when authors attempt to write about medicine/anesthesia and have obviously not performed or understood the proper research prior to writing about medical scenarios.

    • Deborah Garland says:

      Hi Jen, thanks for reaching out. The comment came through the home page of my website so I actually don’t know which book you’re referring to. I throw a dose of medical drama in many books. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’ve struggled with medical ailments my whole life. Lots of doctors, lots of surgeries for lots of different things. I never want one of my books to be a disappointment and I am sorry to ruin an ending. If you’re talking about my latest book, Drawing Bloodlines, and if you did enjoy the book and want to read more into the series, Book 2, is Guarding Bloodlines (Loren and Julianna, and I promise you, no medical situations, unless a vampire turning counts, hint 🙂 I would be happy to send you an advanced reader copy when I get it from my publisher. If it was one of my Darling Cove books, let me know and I will gift you another book in the series of your choice. Thank you again for reaching out.

      Deborah Garland

  3. Linda Moffitt says:

    Hi Deborah I was going to sign up for the Free Prequel but the BookFunnel link is expired
    I wanted to let you know before I signed up in case you were going to update it

    • Deborah Garland says:

      Hi Linda!

      I set that link up for those already signed up on my website and newsletter so they could download the prequel if they want. Here is the Sign-Up Bookfunnel link where you can choose what format you want. Thank you so much for your interest. I hope you enjoy the prequel and maybe check out the rest of the books. Let me know if you have any questions. I love to hear from readers.


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