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One night. No names. No awkward goodbyes.

Just one night of mindless pleasure.

Gwen must agree to be his to do what he wants.

Be his dirty angel.

And that includes not asking any questions.  

She never expects to see him again, so why not?

What can go wrong?

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Dark Romance Anthology

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Morally gray. Flawed, tortured, irrepressible.

And yet, I don’t fear him.

I crave him.

Desire him, with every cell of my being.

I’m the day to his night; the calm to his storm; the light to his dark; and the key to his freedom.

But do I really want to set this monster free?

And if I do… will I be able to break down his barriers before he breaks my heart?

EnTWINed in You by Deborah Garland: She escaped her abusive boyfriend with the clothes on her back and a baby in her belly, only to be taken prisoner by his identical twin brother.

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