Guarding Bloodlines

The Princeton Allegiant Series, Book Two


Guarding Bloodlines is the second book in the Princeton Allegiant Series and will be released by Soul Mate Publishing this October.

Never steal a vampire’s mate…

What’s the most dangerous vampire in the world to do when the Lords he reluctantly obeys threaten to abduct the only woman he’s ever loved? He strikes a devil’s bargain and warns he’s done playing nice.


Loren Tagaris is a one-thousand-year-old vampire who’s seen everything. Maybe. His gifts for destruction have made him the most feared vampire on the planet. And lonely. The only woman he’s ever loved is on the run with buried secrets. When he attempted to turn her three hundred years ago, she turned the magical tables on him and disappeared. Now the New York Vampire Command, who controls all the allegiants wants to abduct her and will do so in thirty days unless Loren can locate one of its missing commanders.


Loren can control anything except his desires for Julianna. He’s ready to take her to mate, but she won’t submit to him. She inherited his gifts and is almost as deadly as him. Watching her wield his own powers turns him on to the point of madness. Whatever she is, he made her. She belongs to him. That’s how it works. Right?


Julianna has been on the run for centuries. As a half-turned vampire with warm blood and Loren’s deadly gifts, no allegiant will have her. She hides from humans and is scorned by other vampires. When she agrees to help Loren locate Aiden, who’s gone missing in hopes of being accepted, sparks between her and Loren fly as well as anything not nailed down.

Book 1, Drawing Bloodlines will be released 4.2.19

Book 3, Matching Bloodlines is a WIP