In Too Deep: Chapter One


For the second time in two weeks, I packed up everything I owned to escape a firestorm.

“Come on, Lacey.” Nate stood by the bedroom door.

“I have to call Aidan,” I said, my hands shaking trying to dial him on my phone.

“He didn’t answer. I just tried.” Nate grabbed my suitcase and steered me into the living room.

I glanced one more time around the hotel suite of rooms I’d been staying in since the Luna Fire destroyed my house in Malibu two weeks ago. Nate opened the suite’s main door and when he stepped into the dimly lit corridor, he headed toward the stairs.

“I can’t even take the elevator and leave here with my head held high?”

Nate’s phone buzzed from his green army jacket. “Yo. Yeah, we’re leaving here. I got Lacey. I’m trying to get a hold of Aidan,” he said into the phone, doubling back to collect me.

In two seconds, I would stomp my foot. This was absolutely ridiculous. “Is that Jaxson? Where is he?”

“I didn’t ask him yet. Jax, where are you?” Nate’s hand remained on my lower back as we left the suite together. “He’s downtown. Finishing with his band, he’ll meet us.” Nate put his phone away and opened the metal security door that led to a set of stairs in a dank stairwell.

“Where?” I said, the overwhelming fear of being homeless swamping me. Again.

“Aidan’s house.”

Despite being a filthy rich ex-rocker chick, I only owned one home. Half of which burned. The other half, the part with my private recording studio, was uninhabitable. I’d been staying in a hotel while I got my head together. I lost nearly everything in that fire. I’d evacuated my instruments, some artwork, computers, and my awards, all of which had been stored at Aidan’s house.

And I still had the men in my life. All three of them.

That’s why I now had to leave the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Nate had overheard a housekeeper whispering on her phone, asking where she should plant a hidden camera in my suite.

One rockstar living in a hotel drew nothing but yawns these days, thanks to lewd Instagram selfies. One rocker chick and three boyfriends actively engaging in all kinds of crazy sex acts would pay enough money from a tabloid for anyone to risk losing their job.

“Explain to me again why we can’t go to the hotel concierge?” I asked, following him down the stairs.

“If you think a low-paid concierge manager isn’t in on this, you’re crazy, Lacey.” Nate stopped and let me catch up. When I did, he kissed me softly on the lips. “If there’s one thing I know from my father’s business, it’s usually an inside job.” 

Business. The latest euphemism for organized crime.  But I couldn’t blame Nate for not wanting to discuss his father’s organization out loud, especially with hotel staff digging for dirt about us.

We kept moving, floor after floor, until we reached the VIP parking garage. “Keys, sweetheart? I’ll come back for my Harley later.”

I reached in my purse and handed him the keys to my Mercedes SUV, parked next to Nate’s black and silver HOG. My two other cars burned in the fire, along with Aidan’s convertible Mustang.

It’d been a crazy fourteen days. 

“I assume we’re not going to your apartment for the same reason?” I asked about the suite Nate kept in L.A.’s premier hotel, the JW Marriott.

“Correct. I haven’t been there in weeks, who knows what’s been planted in my room.”

Talk about sounding paranoid. Except, Nate didn’t usually get rattled. I’d learned to trust him again. We had only recently repaired our stormy five-year-long relationship a few months ago and hadn’t been ready to move in together. Not here in L.A. or his permanent home, a penthouse in Midtown Manhattan.

Right after Nate and I had weeks of makeup sex, Jaxson Steele, the debut rocker signed to my music label, collided into our relationship. Finally, Aidan, my ex-husband joined the party.

Our quadruple-sized love affair was still new, and we’d only gotten so far as to figure out Nate, Jax, and Aidan loved me and loved sharing me. And I loved each of them.

“I have to be honest with you, Nate. I don’t care if people know I’m sleeping with all three of you.” I folded my arms in the passenger seat as Nate backed out of my designated parking spot.

He shot me a look, his long blond hair flying around his handsome face. The face of a rock god, chiseled cheekbones, golden scruff, and a square jaw. Lowering eyes the color of chocolate kisses, he said, “That’s only going to make you look bad, sweetheart.”

I shrugged. “I don’t care. I’m not recording music anymore.”

“Right, but you want to start freelancing. I’d bet my father’s billions any singer or band good enough to have you work for them has a wall of managers and agents. Men, Lacey. Judgmental assholes who won’t let them work with you.” He squeezed my hand and made a left on Burton Way. Kissing it, he added, “What we have with Jax and Aidan is…pretty rad. Let’s just enjoy each other. Enjoy what we have, for now, keep it all just between us. Okay?”

I pouted the rest of the drive to Westwood and the gated community Aidan lived in. Thank goodness one of us owned a private and livable home.

Nate and I idled on the street, waiting for Aidan to show up and let us in. The forest green Jaguar he bought after the fire sailed by and he got out to talk to the guard in the booth near the entrance.

“Aidan looks pissed,” I said, lamenting how we’d dragged him away from a club. Not to drink and hang out. He ran the artists and repertoire department for my father’s music label. He listened to bands most nights after long, grueling days at the label.

“He’s always pissed,” Nate said, shrugging with a sly grin creeping across his beautiful mouth.

Aidan and Nate tolerated each other for my sake. Once we all fell into a sex haze, buzzed with lust, their differences vanished. Those were the moments I liked best, when it was all of us together in bed.

Those times were rare because not only we were all living separately, but we were all in the music business with insane schedules. But music was our common thread and why we all connected so well.

I wanted to change our dispersed living situation. Not here in Westwood, though. This was Aidan’s turf. We needed some place neutral where Aidan wouldn’t feel like Nate and Jaxson invaded his space and where my two rocker boyfriends wouldn’t feel like extras. Aidan and I had been married and added complexity to what should have been an equal relationship with my three guys.

My house solved all our problems, and damn it, I needed it back.

Aidan appeared in my SUV’s headlights. I still lost my breath looking at him. A button-down dress shirt and dark jeans made him look taller than six-two. The light caught the golden tips of his brown hair. “Here.” He handed Nate a red envelope-sized card. “It’s a temporary parking pass.”

“You’re only letting your wife stay here temporarily?” Nate chided him.

“I’m his ex-wife. And that’s not what he meant.” I lowered my head to see Aidan through Nate’s driver’s-side window. “I’m sorry we dragged you away from downtown.” I gave him an appreciative smile.

“No problem, darlin’,” he said, smiling at me, looking right past Nate. “Just follow me and—” He stopped when another car came up to the gatehouse. “Oh, great.”

I twisted around. Even in the dark, I made out Jaxson sitting behind the wheel of his Beamer, his glossy dark hair and full lips shining in our rear brake lights.

“Now I need another fucking parking pass,” Aidan said, shaking his head and trekking back to the gatehouse.

My ex-husband knew if I were staying at his house, Jaxson and Nate would be there. A lot. While our living arrangements in Westwood were temporary, as far as I was concerned, our love was forever.

Forever so long as Nate and Aidan didn’t kill each other first.



I parked behind Lacey’s Mercedes in Aidan’s narrow driveway, then rushed right up to her, not bothering to say hi to Aidan or Nate. “Are you okay, baby?”

“Yeah.” She threw her arms around me. “Just shaken up. I still have some kind of displaced stress syndrome since the fire. I was just getting settled in the hotel.”

“No one should live in a hotel. You can stay with me at my apartment.” Thinking I had the perfect solution, Aidan and Nate stared at me like I had ten heads.

“Your apartment’s nice, Jaxson,” Aidan said. “But you live right on Santa Monica Boulevard. Lacey needs privacy for now. We all do.”

No doubt this uber-expensive gated development with houses bigger than the entire block I grew up on, gave her privacy. Gave us privacy.

“Did you pack everything up from the suite?” I asked Lacey, holding her by the waist walking into Aidan’s house.

Holy shit, I tried not to gush at the lap of luxury he lived in. High ceilings, windows with floor-length drapes, marble floors, and a kitchen we could park all of our cars in. Plus a few more.

“Yeah, and there were a few tee-shirts and sweatshirts of yours. I grabbed those, too,” she said, leaning into me.

“Nice place, Aidan.” He was still my A&R guy, but when he and I were both naked with Lacey, professional boundaries got a little blurry.

“Yeah. Nice place, Aidan,” Nate parroted me, his New York snark always front and center.

Aidan snagged Lacey’s suitcase from Nate and walked further inside his house. After passing a mind-blowing living room with two fireplaces and a media room behind French doors, he jogged up a set of double-wide stairs that curved to the right.

Lacey followed him and left me with Nate. The guy looked shook up. “Thanks, man,” I said to him.

“For what?”

“For taking care of Lacey.”

“I’ll always take care of Lacey,” he gave me some of that NYC snark, but then smiled.

I needed Nate and Aidan because I didn’t have the time to give Lacey what she needed, namely a full-time boyfriend. My album had just dropped and as it climbed the charts, more and more concerts were scheduled. The chaotic mess my life became meant my time with Lacey often got cut short.

Not tonight, though. I caught a break from touring for a couple of weeks. Lacey staying in Aidan’s house wouldn’t stop me from enjoying my girlfriend. Yeah, I considered Lacey my girlfriend, the same as Nate and Aidan.

She loved all of us.

She made love to each of us with the same fever and intensity.

Watching Lacey walk up the stairs in her tight jeans made my mouth water for some double penetration. With Nate, of course. Aidan wouldn’t play with us.

With Lacey staying in his house and all the fun Nate and I liked to have with her, Aidan might change his mind.

I hoped he did…



“Where are you taking my suitcase?” Lacey asked me as I naturally thought to bring it to my bedroom.

“Um.” I put it down and rubbed my forehead.

“Aidan…” She smiled, and after a kiss said, “You don’t want me sleeping in your room every night.”

“Why not?” I shot out, but the two figures at the top of the stairs answered my question.

Nate and Jax would be in my bed every night, too.

Exhaling, I brought Lacey’s bag to the second master bedroom suite across the hall from mine. “Okay, ground rules,” I said.

“Rules?” Nate folded his arms and leaned against the doorway frame.

“Yeah, they’re simple. See that door?” I pointed to my bedroom. Like jackals smelling a bitch in heat, Jax or Nate, or both would come sniffing around my bedroom and get in the bed with us. “If that door is closed and Lacey is in there, you leave it closed.”

The first time I made love to her in front of them, I’d said she was all mine when I fucked her. That crazy day I got initiated into this… This… Whatever the heck this was. For now, Jax and Nate came with my second chance of a lifetime.

I agreed to share my ex-wife, the only woman I ever loved, still loved, with two men. I got sucked in and played along. This foursome grew hotter and more intense by the week. If sharing her was the only way to have Lacey, then I’d go along with it.

For now.

I didn’t see how a four-way relationship could last. Especially with two bad-boy rock gods. Nothing against Jaxson. I signed him to my label. But his star was rising. Fast. That meant years of paying his dues on the road. Lacey deserved something more. And Nate? Jeez, I couldn’t even count how many ways I expected him to fuck up.

“Goddamn it!” Lacey’s voice knocked me out of my thoughts.

Jax and I exchanged glances and together we found her sitting on the floor of the walk-in closet pulling stuff out of her suitcase.

“Lace?” I called out to her.

“I…left everything new in the closet at the hotel. I hate these clothes.” She kicked the suitcase. That little tantrum wasn’t like Lacey, not in the least, which made me worry the loss of her house and the pressure of juggling three men had gotten to her.

“What do you mean you hate them, baby?” Jax asked her.

Nate stroked her long silver-blonde hair. “Most of these clothes are from her apartment in New York.”

Sniffing, Lacey said, “I only had time to buy a few new things. Every time I look at these…”

“She doesn’t think her New York clothes work here in L.A.,” Nate said softly, and it startled me to realize how much he understood her.

Even down to what she’d wear here in L.A. or in Manhattan. All her L.A. clothes burned in the fire. Christ, I felt awful.

Exhaling, I said, “Okay, darlin’. I’ll take you down to Rodeo on Saturday.” I caught Nate and Jaxson narrowing their eyes on me. “We’ll take you down there.”

Although, I didn’t know how in the world we’d deflect attention away from Lacey sleeping with three men at once, if we were all in Versace zipping up her dresses.



“I don’t need a shopping spree. I need…” Lacey swallowed, looking at us.

All three of us stood there.

“I know what you need, Lacey.” I kissed her then turned her around so she could kiss Jaxson.

The punk kissed her, gently pushing hair out of her face. “Let us make you mindless, baby.”

“All of you. I want all of you,” she said, kissing him, letting him devour her.

“We know what you like,” I hoarsely whispered in her ear, then lifted her up to bring her to the king-size bed.

Aidan grunted, stepping back. He wouldn’t DP Lacey with me or Jaxson. Preferred to make love to her by himself. I respected his principles, but Lacey wanted all of our hands on her. Hadn’t he figured that out?

Jaxson whipped off his leather jacket and couldn’t have stepped out of his jeans any faster. “Me first. Let me have her for a few minutes, guys.”

Lacey stripped and next she and Jax were completely naked. She laid down on the bed, then Jaxson’s body covered her while he kissed her, held that beautiful face so tenderly. Kissed her neck and made his way down her body.

“Mmm,” Lacey moaned while Jax licked the sweet folds of her pussy.

That’s right, punk, get her nice and wet with that pierced tongue.

Jaxson stopped and tossed me a look that made my throat tight. He kept his eyes on me as he thrust inside her. Watching them fuck still sent all the blood rushing right to my cock. His sun-kissed body covered in tatts taking control of Lacey’s ivory skin drove me nuts. Something I never expected.

Jax’s curved and sexy ass flexed as he drove into her and within minutes glistened all shiny with sweat. I undressed slowly, sneaking a look at Aidan, who leaned against the closed bedroom door, touching himself.

When he freed his cock, I turned away.

Jaxson laid the most volcanic look at me when I climbed on the bed holding my hard dick and for a split second, I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to put it. The guy was making me nuts. A quiet storm slowly built between Jaxson and me. We’d been playing around, dancing close to a forbidden line. But Lacey needed us, both of us, no, all of us to satisfy her tonight, to help her forget everything that had stressed her out.

Jaxson laid down on his back and stroked himself.  “Come here, baby. We got what you need, right, Nate?”

“Oh yes we do,” I said. But before she mounted Jaxson, she kissed me. Tasting her after kissing Jaxson lit me on fire. She kissed my chest, making her way down to my cock, wanting to taste me first. Us. I rested my cock on her lips, and groaned, “Swallow me down, sweetheart. Get me wet.”

She sucked my cock so damn good, between that and the way Jax watched us, I felt ready to come. Charged up. Feral. After more swirls of her tongue, I pulled out and kissed her. I loved her.

“Now fuck that cock some more,” I said, pointing to Jaxson.

“I don’t take orders from you,” she said, flipping me the bird.

I laughed, smacked her ass, and she climbed up on Jaxson’s lap, smiling for the first time in hours. She belonged right there, between two of her gods. She had three, though. We had to get Aidan on board with double-teaming Lacey. She fucking loved it.

For now, Jaxson and I would do the honors. Lacey slid down on Jax’s cock, groaning in sheer pleasure. The punk took her mouth while lifting his hips to fuck her. I kissed the back of her neck, catching Jaxson glancing at me. That goddamn seductive glare of his. I licked my finger and slid it into Lacey’s ass.

His stare lingered on me. The more he and I made love to Lacey together, the more I wanted to touch him. “Oh yeah,” Jaxson groaned because Lacey’s clit probably throbbed.

“Good, sweetheart?”

“So good,” she moaned, leaning back and I held her while she rode Jax’s cock. “Now. I need you inside me, too. Now. Please.”

“You can have me whenever you want.” I slid into her ass and wrapped my arms around her waist.

Like a magnet pulled me, I lowered my hands down her smooth taut stomach until I felt the burning heat of Jaxson’s abs. By accident. Maybe. I wasn’t sure anymore. But Jesus fucking Christ, the man’s skin felt like velvet.

I drenched the back of Lacey’s neck with my lips and tongue. “So fucking good like this,” I moaned while pumping my cock in her and brushing my hands up and down Jaxson’s rock-hard stomach.

He licked his lips at me and sat up. “Hi,” he growled, bringing his lips to Lacey, putting our faces closer together.

His hands drifted down to my back, making my cock harder. When he reached my ass, he squeezed me and pushed me deeper inside Lacey. Our beautiful Lacey, our love, our queen.

She moaned in happiness, wedged between us. Two rock gods fucking her at the same time. Jax’s hips thrust with such raw power, like he used me to fuck her and then the other way around a second later. Punk had this shit mastered. Taking Lacey in the ass when we double penetrated her should have put me in control. I realized quickly, I lost control of this DP, and for once I didn’t mind.

That scene soared beyond just two of us satisfying Lacey, Jax and I satisfied each other, too. Those big hands on me torched me like a burning flame held against my skin. As I thrusted into Lacey, he felt my cock. Had to, because I felt his cock rubbing against mine with only a thin barrier of Lacey’s skin between us. Rubbing against Jax’s cock felt explosive and made it so hard not to come as I imagined he and I were fucking alone.

The mental torture messed with me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

My cock hummed, its heartbeat pounding, sending a rocket blast of pleasure to my balls. “I’m gonna come,” I moaned and drove deeper into Lacey with long, hard strokes.

Jaxson’s hands remained on my ass, his fingers parting my cheeks.

Oh God, he was going to rim me. My heart raced with anticipation. I wanted it and didn’t at the same time. I loved women, not men. I tore my focus from those fingers playing with my ass the way Jax strummed a guitar. Strong, masterful, passionate.

“Feels so good, Nate,” my sweet Lacey sighed and I reset my focus squarely on her. That ass of hers burned so good, icy hot fire that felt so mind-blowing and wet. Slick. Hot. Filthy.

I kissed her shoulder and slid out. Dragging my finger around that lovely hole, I turned to Aidan. “Get in there, man. I left it nice and wet for you.”

He shook his head. Didn’t want ass if he had to share it. What a moron.

Jax’s face grew red, as his orgasm built. “You’re too much, baby.”

You’re too much, punk,” I said, pinching his nipple bolt. The guy’s body was covered in tatts, his nipples pierced with steel bolts, too. Tweaking them made him grunt as his hips circled against Lacey. If he dared to play with me, then I would torture him right back. He started this game between us. I wouldn’t be outdone by some punk a few years younger than me.

His green gaze found me as I played with his nipples, and then the young stallion cried out. Breathing harshly, staring at me while holding Lacey, he ground out, “I’m fucking coming.”

That look of his, and knowing I’d just made him come as much as Lacey had… Fuck, that made me want to do more with him.

Lacey draped across his chest and held him, kissed him. She did what I couldn’t. Good.

They looked so damn happy, it made my heart happy.

When Lacey sat up, she immediately turned around. “Aidan? Aidan, where are you?”

“I’m here, darlin’.” He pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them.

Lacey twisted around and scooted to the end of the bed. “Mmm,” she said, taking his cock in her mouth.

Aidan tipped his head back, holding her face. No one gave head like Lacey.

She ran her hands along his stomach. The dude was knocking on forty, but still had a killer physique. I sat against the headboard, Jax leaning forward, watching Lacey and Aidan with a big ole smile on his face.

“Lay back, Lace,” Aidan said.

Before her head hit the mattress, her ex was inside her. The veins in his neck and forehead bulged as he rammed her with his dick. Lacey loved it. Took all we had to give. Jax smacked me on the shoulder smiling and then slid forward to get closer to Lacey.

Punk was a card, liked to take risks. I didn’t think the dude understood boundaries. Screwing around with Aidan had its risks because he controlled Jax’s fate at his record label. Controlled our access to his house and in some ways to Lacey now that she lived here.

Jax cupped the back of Lacey’s head and laid an upside-down kiss on her, all while Aidan thrusted inside her. She kissed Jax back while holding Aidan’s head against her shoulder, alternating between kissing them.

Fuck it, I might as well get in there.

This was going to be our life for a while. Might as well make our first night in Aidan’s house memorable.

Let’s see if four people could make out at the same time…

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