Fiery Billionaire

A Fake Relationship Fireman Romance: Lords of Gotham Book 5

It started with a slip of the tongue and an innocent lie.

When New York City Firefighter Theo Markham Jr. rescues a bunch of school kids from a fire, he’s plunged into the spotlight. Now, the handsome-as-hell rookie fireman is receiving invitations to dozens of black-tie parties, and hordes of single women are vying to be his date. There’s only so much attention a man can take before giving in. One slip of the tongue with the press has everyone thinking he has a girlfriend. The NYFD brass likes the image of a rookie hero who has a steady girl. They want him to represent NYC’s Bravest at some very public functions, so Theo has to find a girlfriend. Fast.

Billionaire fashion designer Victoria Holden is on her way to runway stardom. She’s determined to prove she’s not just an heiress living off her family’s money, but that she has the talent and drive to make her clothing business an international success. When her first big runway show ends in disaster, she needs some good press. Pretending to date hero firefighter Theo Markham is just the thing to salvage her damaged reputation. She has no intention of getting tied to a party-boy fireman long term.

Can a low-paid firefighter win the heart of a billionaire heiress who can have anyone she wants?   She’s fiery and drives him crazy, but she has a spark that he can’t ignore. He’s down to earth and looks down on her money, but not her. There’s no way they can fall for each other, right?  After all, whoever heard of a billionaire falling for a fireman, especially in a city where lies can burn a relationship faster than any fire.