All For Me

A Small Town Second Chance Romance: North Fork Heroes Book 1

How long does it take to get over being left at the altar? Greg Mallory is still figuring that out.

Greg Mallory is done being called the jilted groom of Darling Cove. Five years ago, his fiancé, his childhood sweetheart, the only woman he’s ever loved took off days before their wedding. She abandoned him and the small town they’d both grown up in and fled to the Middle East to further her career. But Greg never believed a job tore her away from him. Not with their chemistry, their crazy dirty nights, and the way he loved and protected her.

He can’t forget her. But in order to move on, he needs to forgive her.

When Faith shows up in town under a cloud of mystery, Greg is determined to get some answers.

Not a kiss. Though, when she offers him her cherry lips, he can’t resist. The undeniable connection between them still burns hot.

He’ll give her his body, but he’s keeping his heart at a safe distance.

All Faith wants is forgiveness, for that she’ll need to confess to Greg why she really left him. She never expected to get his love again. But the more time they spend together, the last five years disappear.

Now the only man she’s ever loved is promising forever all over again. All she has to say is…yes.

But Greg needs to know the truth first. Only, when he finds out what made her run off, it may ruin the second chance she never thought she’d get.

The best ending in a romance I’ve read in a long time!