Live For Me

A Small Town Single Dad Fireman Romance: North Fork Heroes Book 2

Winner of the Carolyn Readers’ Choice Award 

Tall, auburn rumpled hair, blue eyes, and a big…hose, Edward Mendelsohn is the five-alarm fire everyone in town is buzzing about.

But Edward doesn’t have time for a relationship. He’s raising his son alone after his girlfriend left them three years ago. And his architecture business is being threatened by a spoiled rockstar who didn’t like the eight-million-dollar house he’d built for him.

Skye Mallory has no interest in relationships after being dumped publicly on Facebook by her idiot ex-boyfriend who happens to be famous. That HAF fire chief strutting around town might keep her squirming in her dreams, but her law practice is taking off and with her brother and sister pumping out kids at a frenzied pace, she’s guessing she’ll get hit up for babysitting gigs.

Then Skye’s apartment goes up in flames and Edward defies all safety protocols by rushing into the fire to save her. A quick date to say thank you is appropriate but that spirals into one heck of a scorching night.

A night Edward can’t get out of his mind. He’s ready to go all-in with Skye, she’s amazing with his son. Only now that idiot rockstar is suing him for millions of dollars.

And guess who’s the attorney for the jerk suing him?