Wait For Me

A Millionaire Office Grump Romance: Mallory Family Book 1

Think your last one-night stand was a doozy?
Hold my beer…

One night with a HAF stranger should have stayed buried in my past. Until I got a new job. And came face to face with the man who obliterated my sanity in bed.

I have bills to pay and need this job at Prada. Even if I told a few white lies to get in the door. Even if I have to work side by side with a crushingly beautiful man who I think hates me. Andrew Morgan has barely said two words to me. Sure, he’s mad because I was hired behind his back.

Then again, he could be mad because I know what he looks like naked. We hooked up last year during Fashion Week.

It takes way too much energy to forget how that body felt on top of me, punishing me, as I clawed at his back, and cried out. Again and again.

I never got his name that night and he didn’t ask for mine.

Now, I know everything. Why he’s so grumpy and can’t look me in the eye. And I’m heartbroken for him.

So I play nice. Get my charm on and smile through his grumpiness.

Only that landed me back in his bed.

And staring at two pink lines…

**This title was previously published as Must Love Fashion. It has been extensively rewritten, re-edited, and has a new cover**