Matching Bloodlines

The Princeton Allegiant Series Book 3

Matching Bloodlines ~ 2018 NaNoWriMo Challenge Winner!


Francisco St. Claire has found his abducted mate alive but she’s fallen in love with another vampire. The already serious and scary Commander of the Princeton Allegiant is now heartbroken and that makes him one dangerous vampire. Still, he has an allegiant to run and there is trouble on his borders. So when the ruling lords demand he hire a matchmaker to find a new mate for himself as well as the other males who have sworn to him, the loyal commander follows orders, but vows he’ll never love again.

Princeton Matchmaker, Charlotte Kincaid is drowning in debt taking care of her sick sister and her business takes a staggering nosedive when a scorned employee erases her servers and steals all her clients. Salivation comes in the form of a mysterious inquiry requesting a ‘mate’ for a handsome rich businessman and his ‘associates.’ Charlotte is skeptical, especially when she finds out they’re all vampires! She agrees to work for the intoxicating French man anyway. She’s that desperate for cash. 

Since meeting Charlotte, Francisco’s emotions and senses have awoken, including his primal need for sex. But if he takes Charlotte to mate and turns her, she can’t find matches for the rest of his vampires. Charlotte can’t deny the steamy attraction between her and Francisco and he can’t keep his hands off her. Whether he’s satisfying her curiosity about how it feels to kiss a vampire or he’s saving her life in a rogue ambush. Will the Princeton Allegiant Commander show his strength by mating with the woman he truly wants or will he continue to follow orders?

Never match a vampire with the wrong mate…

Book 1, Drawing Bloodlines will be released 4.3.19

Book 2, Guarding Bloodlines will be released 10.2.19