Matching Bloodlines

The Princeton Allegiant Book 3

Matching Bloodlines ~ 2018 Nanowrimo Challenge


After thirty years, Francisco St. Clair, Commander of the Princeton Allegiant is about to be reunited with his mate, who’d been abducted. He turned Sophia five hundred years ago and she was the love of his life. So when she’s rescued and tearfully confesses while in captivity she fell in love with another vampire, he is beyond heartbroken and devastated. He’s lost and vows never to fall in love again. 

Matchmaker, Charlotte Kincaid is drowning in debt taking care of her sick sister and her business takes a nose dive when her devious partner erases her servers and takes all her clients. So when a mysterious inquiry comes in requesting a dozen or so ‘mates’ for ‘employees’ from a local ‘business’, Charlotte is skeptical but agrees to meet the potential clients.

Francisco hates the idea of using a matchmaker to find mates for the males in his allegiant. But with the New York Vampire Command reversing its rules on turning humans, he reluctantly agrees it’s best for his allegiant if his vampires are mated. Not him, though. He’s done. When he meets the matchmaker though, senses and feelings he’s not had in centuries are awoken and Francisco is not used to being denied what he wants.

And Francisco wants Charlotte. Bad.

Book 1, Drawing Bloodlines will be released 4.2.19

Book 2, Guarding Bloodlines will be released 10.2.19