Must Have Faith- Deleted Scene (Spicy Alert)

This scene HURT to delete but it was for the benefit of a better scene. This is a little spicy, so over 18 PLEASE.

(Note- this is an unedited excerpt)

The red taillights of Greg’s truck had long disappeared from view by the time the dreaded announcement Faith had been fearing came over the loudspeaker. The train was…cancelled.

Damn cold winter. Either the train to New York, or coming home had been late, short cars, combined with other trains or out and out canceled. She took out her phone. “Lily, it’s Faith. My train’s been canceled again. Can you to cover for me tonight?”

“So our hunky man can cover you?” Lily’s voice was chipper because Michael’s show wasn’t on the air that night. Otherwise, she’d be in complete meltdown mode.

“Nah. He went to work.” Faith brought her shoulders up looking around, considering how to get back to her house. It was too late to walk home. Eyeing the firehouse, she stepped across the street to get warm. A more rational decision could be made then.

“Didn’t you tell me that when you were sixteen, you snuck up on him in his police car and begged him to deflower you?” Lily’s memory was astonishing.

“Yes. Sort of.” Faith didn’t remember really begging. That wasn’t her style. She’d made a reasonable argument that according to her favorite magazine her body was ready, and who better to do the job, but not only the man she was in love with, but someone she could trust.

Greg hadn’t seen it that way. To him, it was a one-way ticket to jail with his father and hers fighting over who’d put the cuffs on him first. Faith giggled remembering how his voice shook giving her that vivid description.

“You’re not sixteen,” Lily said. “And I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you can find that man in his cop car right now. It’s late, Faith. Go for it. Have some fun before you leave.”

Faith’s mouth went dry. Fun? It would be earth-shattering. In all the years they’d dated, the idea hadn’t ever crossed her mind again. Probably because when he was off duty…he was on her. She’d sent him to work, just to get a break!

Faith didn’t want a break. She wanted everything. Every possible minute with him. “Okay, I’ll think about it. When I get…home I’ll log on and watch the feed from there.”

“Have fun.” Lily smacked a kiss in the phone.

She slipped the phone back into her pocket and crossed the street to the fire station. Name-dropping, that Edward was a friend and that she needed to use the ladies’ room earned her a hero’s welcome. The on-call ambulance crew were sitting in the recreation room, dealing cards, playing pool, watching television and waiting. Waiting for some tragedy to occur. These were the people who had helped her father.

In the bathroom stall, she took her hair down from a ponytail and let the long smooth waves Greg likes so much tumble across her shoulders. Even though he liked her natural, she took out her emergency make-up kit and dabbed on enough shadow for dark rich smokey eyes to come through and added layers of mascara. Faith had a long overdue fantasy to fulfill.

She removed every stitch of clothes except her black patented leather boots and tied her dark blue trench coat tightly around her waist. With her work bag tucked under the coat, she left the fire station and went looking for Greg.

Old habits die hard. Seeing him, still shot a tingle through her. She found his police car sitting in the bank parking lot, a couple of blocks away. The same place he was parked when she was sixteen. He turned her down. “Let’s see if you turn me down tonight, Officer Mallory,” she said, getting as close to Greg’s patrol car as she could.

Sneaking up on a cop was not only hard, it could be dangerous. Luckily Darling Cove police officers weren’t sitting around, holding their guns. She crouched down so Greg wouldn’t see her coming up on his driver’s side.

It would still startle him at first, but when he realized it was her, she planned to make it up to him. Stepping lithely, she approached his door and jumped to knock on the window.

Greg wasn’t in the car.

“Freeze!” He yelled from behind her.

Through the rearview mirror, Greg was in position and pointing a gun at her. A flash of danger, the memory she’d worked to forget paralyzed her for a moment. Twenty four goes into seven hundred and sixty.

“Turn around slowly.” His commanding voice was foreign to Faith. In these years, she’s never heard him speak like this.

She straightened her back and put her hands in the air.

“That’s right. Turn around, lady.”

When she did, his face didn’t ease up right away. His eyes went from her to the gun in his hand, which he immediately lowered and fumbled to reset. Pointing a gun at her had a profound effect on him. “Jesus, Faith!

She approached him slowly. “May I move officer?”

Greg was bending over catching his breath. “What the hell are you doing here and not on the train?”

“It was canceled. There’s no show tonight, so I just called out. And I wanted to surprise you.”

“That’s a fucking moronic thing to do Faith.” But his eyes grew wide, scanning the slit in her coat, revealing only the high heel boots. “What happened to your jeans?”

“I’m so glad you asked.” She undid the belt and let the coat fall.

He dove to pick it up and covered her naked body. “There are cameras!”

She narrowed her eyes. “Not here. That’s why you sit here.”

He swung the jacket around and placed it on her shoulders. On his uniform, his metal nameplate and other pins had turned icy against her bare skin in the short amount of time he’d been out of his car. No other man had ever made her feel the way Greg Mallory had.

It was becoming clear, no other man ever will.  Her fingers tugged on his shirt, her hips easing against his, feeling his reaction to what she’s done.

“Is this just a peep show?” he asked in a low throaty voice.

“No Officer. I’ve been bad. I need to confess.”

“You’re killing me,” he groaned, pulling her closer. His lips hovered over hers, his breath warm and sweet from the coffee.

“Get in your car Officer Mallory.” She stepped back, the coat on her shoulders, her body on display for him. “Now.”

“Yes Ma’am.” His eyes were eager with anticipation.

She got into the driver’s side as well, straddling him. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”

“And I remember your first attempt.” He slid the coat off her shoulders and roughly tossed it in the back seat. Pulling large chunky waves of hair across her chest, tickling her nipples, he added, “Vividly”

“And you said no to me.”

Moving his seat back, so he had room to look at her, he said, “You were sixteen. I was twenty-one.”

The leather of the steering wheel warmed her back, as she leaned against it. Greg Mallory wasn’t going to say no tonight. “What is your crime, young lady?” he asked, his hands closing around her breasts.

“I want you so much.” She pivoted her hips, making circles over an intense erection. “It feels like a crime.”

Greg leaned forward taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking with a wet tongue, then biting with his teeth. “How’s that for punishment?”

“Mmm. Not enough.” She moved her head toward him to kiss his mouth, hard. Her tongue darting in and out, licking his lips and sliding back in. “I think I need a cavity search.”

“One cavity search coming right up.”

She’d been ready to laugh except a cold finger slid deep inside her. “Oh dear God, Greg.” She grinded on his hand, igniting so many pleasure sensors.

“I’m a god now, huh?”

Holding his face and she nipped at his lips, while she confessed, “You’ve been a god to me since I was ten years old.” She’d just moved to Darling Cove and met Gwen…and then Greg. The sight of him at fifteen walking around his house, tall, brutish, white tee-shirt, jeans low on his hips had imprinted on her psyche. Her heart had ached just looking at him. Watching him.

Greg studied her. A small quiver settled into his lips. “Faith, I—”

Gently, she laid her hand over his mouth, kissing the other part of his face. “Make love to me Greg.”

“I left those condoms at your house.”

Her eyes narrowed on him. “You’ve been carrying a condom in your wallet since you were fifteen.”

He took a long steadying breath. Busted.  “I can’t get to my wallet if you’re sitting on my dick.” He squeezed her hips, pushing her down harder. “Not that I mind.”

Using thigh muscles she’d forgotten she had, she sat up on the center console, so Greg could get to his wallet. From it, he produced a shiny silver packet.

“Look what I found as evidence Officer Mallory.” She grabbed the condom in her hands and didn’t care if it had been part of a jumbo pack he’d purchased God-knows-when to be with God-knows-who.

Slowly he lowered his fly. She kissed him while he did it. When she looked down, a tall rock hard erection looked deliciously pale against the faint light. Her fingers closed around the shaft.  She brushed her lips against his cheek. “When this is inside me, I lose all control of myself.”

“Give me the fucking condom,” he demanded with a husky groan.

“Nuh uh.” She brought it to her mouth and tore it open with her teeth.

“Do you want me to come before I’m even inside you?”

“Nuh uh.” She slid it out of the package and together, their hands linked, they rolled it over his hard swollen cock. Faith quickly resumed her straddled position and lowered herself on to him. Deep penetrating, wicked sensations skidded across her skin.

“Jesus, even with a fucking rubber, I can tell how wet you are.” He secured his hands around her waist and began a slow torturous rhythm of his hips. Even with her on top, Greg took control.

“You’ve always made me so wet, Greg.” She hung her head back, circling her hips. “Always.”


His hands squeezed her breasts, while she rode him hard. The cool metal Glock against the insides of her thighs was a symbol of his power and how secure she felt with him. God, he was such a man. Strong, devastatingly handsome. And…hers. If only for this moment.

“God, Faith. That is so fucking good,” he said through gritted teeth looking down at where they were connected. He always loved to look. To watch himself take her.

“Greg. Greg,” she panted. “Don’t stop.”

“I’m almost there too, Babe.”

Her right hand slammed against the fogged-up glass of the driver’s side window, leaving a meaty print. Evidence of the violation. Literally and figuratively since Greg was using his police car as a tool for his pleasure. And hers. An insane proof of his desire for her. At all costs. She brought her pelvis up and down, slowing to extend the pleasure and heighten it. “Yeah. Right there. Greg, Greg, Yes!”

He threw his head back. Mumbling. Groaning. His grip tightening.

A burst of sizzle rushed through her body, her quivering swollen nerves throbbing along with Greg’s. Her long history sharpened the sensations. It was so exciting to be this attracted to someone after so long. To have raging, out of control orgasms with a man she’d known for twenty-five years.

Breathless, she still leaned back against the steering wheel, her satiated body exposed to him. Her eyes opened through a sting of melted mascara. She parted her lips to speak, to tell Greg that she still loved him, never stopped.

Something hard knocked on the driver’s side window. Instinctually, she propelled her body against his. Someone else may have jumped into the back seat or passenger side to hide and cover-up.

Pressed against Greg’s body, all the metal on his uniform cool against her perspired skin, was the only place Faith would ever feel safe.


With nervous fingers, Greg tapped on the lever to open his car window.

Through the small crack, angry blue eyes peeked through. “Are you out of your mind, Gregory?”

Greg lowered the window a little more and let the bundle of red hair that had been in his hand fall into view. Gently, he turned Faith’s chin toward the blinding flashlight.

She blinked at the harsh beams and said, “Hey Martin.”

He staggered back, but only dimmed his irritation slightly. With eyes rolling and his hand covering his mouth, he stomped toward in his patrol car, parked a few spots down.

“Are you in trouble?” Faith whispered.

“Probably not if it’d been one of the other officers.” Or if someone else had been on his cock. Anyone else. The fact that it was Faith, was going to keep Greg from getting his ass handed to him. Then again when his father found out this has been a giant fuck-fest until she leaves for London…Christ, he’d still get screamed at for being irresponsible.

Faith held his face. “I’m sorry, Greg.”

“It’s quite all right.” He lifted her up, as much as he didn’t want to. “It was worth it.” He leaned over to the glove box for napkins and with one ready, he removed the condom, wrapped it up and looked around.

Faith, who’d pulled the trench coat back across her shoulders reached her hand out. “I’ll take it.”

Smiling, he handed it to her. It slammed into him how she was the only person he ever trusted like that. Yet, she smashed his heart into a thousand pieces. Was he really such an idiot to think he wasn’t going to get hurt again, just because he knew the goodbye was coming this time?

Her body crushed against his, as he drove her back to her house. He hated that she would be alone. But in a few hours, she wouldn’t be. That’s for damn sure. He kissed her with intensity. “I’ll come by after my shift.”

“Good.” She got out of his truck waved before he quietly rolled away.