Must Keep You

Must Keep You

Darling Cove Book 5

The next Darling Cove book is a work in progress.

Remember Lily and Charles from Must Have Faith? The rich boy and the edgy girl get their chance at happily-after-ever. But don’t worry, the Mallorys are too bossy and nosy to let these two fall apart when it counts!

Sometimes only a bad girl satisfies a good boy.

Happily-ever-after with a tough, edgy girl like Lily Matthews isn’t part of Charles Clairmont’s plan for the future. His rich upbringing is too different from Lily’s shady past to make a real relationship work. No need to seek his powerful father’s approval, he’ll never get it. With Lily, it’s sex, all sex and nothing but sex.

Until she winds up pregnant.

Having a baby wasn’t in Lily’s plans but being adopted has made her feel lost in this world. She desperately wants to keep this baby. Even if that means shutting Charles out and raising the child by herself. Charles stokes a fire in her body like no other man, but she’s not right for him and knows his family will never accept her anyway. If he signs over his parental rights, she sets him free.

Charles is stunned and hurt by Lily’s suggestion. He’ll never agree.  Except, his father announces a run for the Senate and challenges his family loyalty by demanding Charles be the campaign manager. To release the hooks his father is digging into him, he will for once not do what’s expected of him.

To buy some time with Lily, he tentatively agrees to her demands if she’ll agree be his fake-fiancé. That will rattle his family’s cage when he brings her home for a weekend campaign pow-wow. He may lose his family and his staggering inheritance. It’s worth it, though, if he can keep Lily and his baby.

As the weekend wears on, however, Charles has a dangerous change of heart. He doesn’t want Lily or his child anywhere near the world he’s being dragged into. Only Lily has a stark change of plans too. Not only does she want Charles to be in her baby’s life, she wants Charles as well.

For keeps.