Must Keep You

Must Keep You, Darling Cove Book 5


The next Darling Cove book will be released Feb 2020.

Remember Lily and Carter from Must Have Faith? The rich boy and the edgy girl get their chance at happily-after-ever. But don’t worry, the Mallorys are too bossy and nosy to let these two fall apart!

A girl who likes to live on the wild side wasn’t supposed to rock this rich boy’s world. Or be his happy ever after.

Carter Holden’s wealthy upbringing and Lily Matthew’s tattoos and piercings have made a real relationship out of the question. Instead, it’s been night after scorching night of ecstasy and nothing more.

Until Lily winds up pregnant.

Being adopted has made Lily feel lost in this world. She wants to keep the baby all to herself and although Carter stokes a fire in her body like no other man, his powerful family will never accept her. If he signs over his parental rights, she sets him free.

Will Carter choose his staggering inheritance or fight to be a father to his baby and keep Lily too?