My Fair Laney ~ Broken Billionaires Book 1

What if Eliza Doolittle asked Henry Higgins to make her a slut and not a lady?

My Fair Laney, a broken billionaire romantic comedy…

Tristan Hart is the mysterious COO of a luxury New York City hotel who lives in the shadow of his playboy CEO older brother. Except once a year, Tristan goes on a hook-up cruise to hot Caribbean waters where he’s the god every woman wants. And gets.

Laney Hathaway is one pissed off textile designer who was handed a cruise instead of a cash bonus. A plan to shake things up and change her life includes seducing her boss, Jonathan when they get on the boat. Only she stumbles upon a secret playground of beautiful people living out sexual fantasies. When she learns Jonathan is a player, Laney wants in. If only she knew the secret handshake.

A cocktail mix-up brings dark mysterious Tristan into Laney’s world and when she learns he is also on that cruise to bed strangers, she asks for a hands-on education in meaningless sex. Tristan happily puts his hands and everything else on Laney, except once he gets a taste of her, he wants no one else.

Will Tristan and Laney follow their vacation plans or their hearts?

Stay tuned for updates…