The Queen’s Game: A Mafia Reverse Harem


Coming November 18 2021

I planned to put my father’s crime partners in jail. Their sons seized control of me first.




Anthony. Sebastien. Giancarlo.

The Princes of New York are being groomed to rule Manhattan; they won’t let their birthrights go up in flames. They can’t bury the evidence I have against their families, and they can’t make me disappear without risking a federal investigation.

The princes have another plan for me.

Discredit me.
Shame me.
Destroy my reputation.

They don’t know me yet.  I won’t succumb to their hard bodies and sinful ways, but I will use the greatest weapon in my arsenal against them…. Me.

My body. My seduction games. 

I’m Rebecca Domenico, the new head of the Domenico family and soon-to-be Queen of Manhattan.

I don’t take prisoners.
I keep my promises.
And I don’t back down.

Anthony, Sebastien, and Giancarlo can either join me or learn the hard way that no one crosses the Queen, not even four princes who want to be King.

The Queen’s Game is Part One of this scorching Mafia MFMM Reverse Harem romance with a satisfying HEA for Rebecca and her Princes of New York.