Rebel Billionaire

Rebel Billionaire, a Lords of Gotham Billionaire


Enemies to Lovers Romance…

Where in the world is billionaire Grayson Hart? That’s for a feisty PI with secrets of her own to find out.

Grayson Hart doesn’t want to go home to New York and to the 5-star hotel he owns with his brothers. He doesn’t want to face them about where the hell he’s been for six months and what he’s been doing. Even though the answer is…nothing. For an actor, that’s worse than a scandal. So he’ll stay off the grid in L.A. Let everyone go on with their lives and not deal with him and his failed career.

Enter Sabine Quinlan, the Private Investigator who’s also avoiding her family, brothers who are experts in security, investigations, forensics…and not matchmaking. They want Sabine to marry a trusted family friend, a stable, upstanding man who will keep her tucked away and protected. They don’t want her investigating criminals on her own, three thousand miles away in L.A.

When Luke Hart offers her an ungodly sum of money to find his wayward brother Gray and bring him home, the job’s too good to pass up. All she has to do is get Grayson to LAX and on Luke’s private jet and she’ll get one million dollars. That can buy a girl a lot of freedom.

Only Grayson has skills she’s not prepared for. Seduction being one of them. And he won’t be put on a plane like a child. He’ll get to New York on his own terms. Sabine ends up on a cross-country trek with Gray, in a semi-stolen vintage Aston Martin, having the time of her life.

But in New York, Grayson will be welcomed and adored, while she’ll be pressured into marrying a guy who doesn’t get her, a guy who can’t make her happy.

So…why is she still in this damn car?

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