Reluctant Billionaire

Reluctant Billionaire, a Lords of Gotham Marriage of Convenience Romance… GOES LIVE MAY 1!

What if you can have all the money in the world?

He’ll get married when he damn well feels like it…

Mik Leitner is the reluctant heir to a Costa Rican fortune. He can claim his billions tomorrow if he’s willing to get married first. His mother walked away from that cash to marry for love and Mik’s determined to do the same.

Only his pride gets kicked in the groin when his mother is diagnosed with MS and takes a turn for the worst.

Jolie Stryker has no time for a relationship. Last year her business partner left Gotham with all her cash. A generous financier bailed her out, but slapped his name on her design firm. To get her business back, she’s flipping high-end New York City apartments with Mik, the hot and smoldering contractor she can’t get out of her mind.

One forbidden night to get it all out of their systems is what they both need to make the cruel world go away… When Mik finds out Jolie is in debt, he proposes a marriage of convenience. He gets his billions and she gets her business back.

Only pretending to be in love turns dangerous when hearts don’t cooperate and faking it feels so good. Mik can’t help falling hard for his fake fiancé, but Jolie has a secret that won’t let her fall in love with anyone. That includes a fake husband.

Can all the money in the world buy Mik love? No. But it can buy him a fake wife who might turn his world upside down and make him question what he’ll give up to keep her.