Reluctant Billionaire

A  Marriage of Convenience Romance: Lords of Gotham Book 6

2020 Golden Leaf Winner for Best Romance 

He needs a wife. She needs cash. Neither wants love. But their chemistry is off the charts. Hot steamy nights and get paid.

What can go wrong?

Mik’s life story: One billion dollars so long as he gets married. That’s the offer. From ruthless distant relatives he’s never met. For years the answer has been the same two words. And not no thanks.

Then his mother gets sick.

Jolie’s life story: Trust a man and you’ll get screwed. Not in a good way. Her design business is in trouble. She needs a lifeline. Not a husband.

Turns out, the hot contractor swinging his hammer is a secret billionaire with one doozy of a plan.

Get married. Collect money. Tons of money.

A fake marriage with Mik means tons of sex. Good sex. Toe curling, late for work sex. So long as no one falls in love.

Sounds perfect, right?

Only Mik and Jolie now have a new problem…