The Allegiant World

Welcome to Princeton, New Jersey


Vampires, banded together in allegiants have one goal: stay hidden from humans. With no need to sleep at night, some beautiful creatures satisfy their humans while others are planning a war.

In this six-book paranormal romance series, the vampires of the Princeton Allegiant are under siege from other allegiants, the New York Vampire Lords, rogues, traitors, scorned lovers, deadly secrets and a little organization known as the FBI.

In each book, a different vampire must protect what is theirs and save the allegiant world from exposure to humans. Each thrilling resolution creates a new obstacle for another Princeton vampire to face.

The Princeton Allegiant Series has it all. Powerful beautiful vampires. Magic. Palace intrigue. Swords and daggers. Machine guns and flame throwers. Helicopters crashing into the DC reflecting pool. Pre-dawn enemy dungeon raids. Allegiant spies and traitors. Cars crashing into the Delaware River. Salacious mating. And a final bombshell that puts the entire Allegiant World, every single vampire at risk.

Will that finally end the war? Or their secret?