The Cowboy’s Wedding Planner

A Steamy Cowboy Romance




Can a wedding go off without a hitch if the groom is in love with the wedding planner?

You are cordially invited to order The Cowboy’s Wedding Planner and on February 14th, 2022 you’ll find out.

Declan: Don’t let the expensive suit fool you. I’m all cowboy. Honest and loyal. To a fault.

You’ll find out why in a second.

You see, I’m in love with Sierra. Been making her wait until I have my trust to prove to her billionaire daddy I’m worthy and can take care of her.

I sure take care of her in another way, if you know what I mean…

Only, my father railroads me. Changes my trust at the last minute. Says I have to marry a woman I don’t love to collect. And for the record, she doesn’t love me either. Poor woman got herself in a heck of a jam.

I’m out of options if I want to see a penny of my trust. Money I’ve already committed to a group of Houston cowboy billionaires getting ready to move on a lucrative investment.

If you think things couldn’t get worse, you’d be wrong.

Now my fake fiancé has booked our wedding at Renner Winery and hired Sierra as her wedding planner.

Behind my back.

Just how screwed can one cowboy be?