Wild For You: A Rockstar Reverse Harem Romance (Rock Hard Love Book 1)

Wild For You: A Rockstar Reverse Harem


Lacey Wilde’s L.A. nights have never been hotter.

I’m the only female exec at my father’s music label in L.A.  As the head of PR, I make rockstars’ dreams come true. Gorgeous gods who melt panties with their voices and chiseled bodies.

Beautiful men are in my face every day, but my bed’s been empty.  Why?

Nate, my on-again/off-again boyfriend, a golden-haired rock god has a groupie problem.  Jaxson, the inked up and body pierced singing phenom just signed to my label has forbidden written all over him.  Aidan, the former rock king and daddy’s A&R genius who’s as gorgeous as the first night he stepped on a stage, is my ex-husband and totally off-limits.

I try to keep things professional with Jaxson, but he’s used to getting what he wants and he wants me.  Nate’s willing to do anything to apologize to me.  And Aidan won’t stop looking at me like he still wants me.

When I give in and let them play their filthy games with me it’s too good to be true.

It’s night after night of HAF gods with huge…egos satisfying me.

But with our careers on the line and the demands of being adored by fans, how long can I keep my superstars all to myself?


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Contains EXTREMELY filthy excerpts…