Wild Texas Hearts Series

Cowboy Romance ~ Giddy-up!

Welcome to Wild Heart, Texas!

Under southern stars, cowboys wrangle horses no problem. Women? That’s their biggest challenge: falling in love. And some of these fillies aren’t ready to be hog-tied, either.

But fate has other ideas for those who don’t see love coming.

An Age-Gap Professor Student Romance (Free Prequel- Book 1)

Winner of the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf award for Best Romance Novella of 2021

Take a walk on the wild heart side and stop at Renner Ranch with this free prequel about a horse vet who works part-time at the local medical college and loses his head over a student. But Dr. Walker Rhodes lives by two rules. 

Rule #1- I don’t do relationships.

Rule #2- I don’t sleep with my students.

Then Emmaline Phillips waltzed into my classroom and now I just may break all of my rules…


A Country Music Star Single Dad Romance: Wild Texas Hearts Book 2

The Nashville hit no one saw coming…

I left Wild Heart, Texas to be a Nashville superstar. I’m considered country music’s bad boy and now I find myself in a bind when I lose another contract and get my last chance at a small Nashville label. 

This record company is run by the woman who wrote my first big hit then asked me for a one-night stand.

But I said no.

A Marriage Mistake Romance: Wild Texas Hearts Book 3 

The wife he never saw coming…

After a night of drinking at a horse auction, I wake up married to my father’s enemy with no memory of the wedding or the honeymoon. We can get a quiet divorce but I just bought a horse favored to win the Kentucky Derby. 

A divorce would be a distraction. Pretending during the Triple Crown season should be easy.  Five weeks. Three horse races.

And two pink lines that change everything…

An Enemies to Lovers Romance: Wild Texas Hearts Book 4

The kiss they never saw coming…

I spent four years teasing and tormenting Delsey Mackenzie in high school. All while suppressing my attraction to her. But cool kids didn’t run with the nerds.

Then there was that kiss behind the football scoreboard that got a little out of hand…

Fourteen years later, she’s a rich cosmetics CEO and owns half of Wild Heart including my house.  And I haven’t paid my rent in months…

A Secret Child Amnesia Holiday Romance: Wild Texas Hearts Book 5

The happy ever after he never saw coming…

My brother is getting married and I have to go home to face my family. And my demons. I’m scarred from an accident and much of my memory has vanished.

Then I meet a woman who stirs a memory I’ve been fighting to get back. A great night with a woman I thought I could have fallen in love with. Even though I left her.

And apparently, I left her with more than a memory…


A Forced Proximity Second Chance Romance




Can a wedding go off without a hitch if the groom falls for the wedding planner?

I have to get hitched to a woman my father picked out and I get my trust fund. Sounds easy. Except I met a breathtaking woman recently. Sierra Renner is every cowboy’s vision of the perfect woman. Beautiful, smart, sexy. The don’t-take-no-crap-from-a-playboy-like-me kind of woman.  

Now my fake fiancé just booked our wedding at Sierra’s winery and hired my woman as her wedding planner? Yeah, what else can go wrong? Don’t answer that…