The Cowboy’s Forbidden Crush

An Age-Gap Professor-Student Forbidden Romance: Wild Texas Hearts Book 1 

Winner of the New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf award for Best Romance Novella of 2021?

I’m her teacher and I have rules about sleeping with my students. I don’t go there. Never. But I wasn’t prepared to be challenged like this. There’s only so much a man can take…

Dr. Walker Rhodes, DVM: Rule #1: I don’t do relationships. Rule #2: I don’t sleep with the vet students in my class.

When Emmaline Phillips waltzes into my class, that rule lands on shaky ground. But I know myself. I’ll break and make her mine.


Smart and beautiful with long blonde hair I’ll wrap around my hands, and caramel eyes that stare back at me, Emmaline licks those cherry red lips when she thinks I’m not looking. But I’m watching her every move while I wait to make her mine.

Graduation day.

As soon as we’re no longer teacher and student, I’ll get her in my bed and keep her there until she leaves this small Texas town to chase her dreams in the Kentucky Bluegrass. She’s got plans that don’t include me.


I’m not looking for long term. Just enough time with her to satisfy my needs and to get her out of my head.

But when a twist of fate makes this filly my summer intern before I can wrangle her properly, she’s once again off-limits.

A summer of watching her lick her fucking plump red lips. There’s no way I’m going to last. I may be a horse vet, but I’m a cowboy through and through. I need to break Rule #2 and take this filly for a ride she won’t forget.

As long as I don’t break Rule #1, I’ll be fine.

But can all this no-strings sex lead to something we’re not expecting?

Her staying in our small town and me…falling in love?